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Get 30% discount on all ecommerce websites, only during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Offer valid from 1 November until 2 December.

How it works

step 1

Step 1

Online Store

The first step in your journey towards selling your products online is to get a store. Once your store is ready, clients from all over can view your products and start buying from you.

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Step 2

Add products to a cart

Customers will browse through your products and add them into a cart, just like a traditional brick and mortar store. They can continue shopping at this point.

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Step 3


Once a customer is ready, they can go to the checkout section to pay for the products in their cart. The customer will fill in their shipping address if the products need to be delivered to them.

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Step 4


Your customer will be going through a payment gateway, just like a traditional store where you have to pay for the items in your cart. Once the payment is complete you will receive the money in your bank account.

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Step 5


After your customer has paid, it is now time to ship the products to your customer. You have to package the products and then send it off with your favorite courier provider.

step 1

Step 6


After a day or two, your customers will receive their products from the courier. If all went well, you now have a new satisfied customer. Be sure to market your products and store often to ensure your clients return and purchase more products.

Benefits of an eCommerce site


Your store is always open 24/7

Customers can buy products at any time and from anywhere.


Process online payment

Payments are processed automatically online without any action required.


Easy to run promotions, coupons and discounts

Promotions and coupons are important to sell more products.


Sales reports

Get all the reports you need to make informed decisions.


Manage Shopping cart and wish list

Customers can add items to a shopping cart or wishlist.


Easy to manage your shipping

Shipping zones and methods are flexible and can be configured.


Manage and process orders without hassle

You can view all orders and perform certain actions on them.


Flexible marketing tools

Your store has built-in support for SEO and product optimization.

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Responsive design

Responsive design

All of our websites are built to look good on any device, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. We also design and develop a beautiful website that will compliment your brand and style and make it easy for customers to buy from you.


Your website and online store have built-in support to help you with your website and product optimization. We provide you with tools that will help you with basic marketing and SEO fundamentals to ensure your products are reaching their maximum potential reach.

Responsive design

Some of our eCommerce projects



Tristan Bester, Owner created and designed the LAN-Bag and formed the company with the goal of growing the small single product startup into an international IT-Hardware retailing specialist.

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Cycle House

Cycle house was established Dec 1999. They have been selling bikes and fixing bikes for the people in the Pretoria area.

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Wanna paint started in 1998 with fabric paint huge in demand. The huge demand for designs inspired them to create unique quality products for every need.

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Battlefield Distillery is a craft Whisky distillery that produces small batch single grain Whisky and Moonshine from maize grains.

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Ryans Baby Furniture

Manufacture excellent quality wooden baby and toddler furniture in any colour and size for private clients, baby shops and créches nationwide.

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Bakkie accessories and fitment centre for all major brands and models.

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