Multi Pager

The multi pager is similar to the one pager and also looks great on any device, desktop, tablet or mobile. This is ideal for customers who require more info on their website where multiple pages would be required.

We carefully assess what the best solution will be for each client based on their content and business or personal requirements. All of our websites are built to look good on any device, mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

If the client does not yet have a domain name, we will register a new domain based on what the client chooses. This is usually something like Included with the domain, we also give our customers access to a control panel where they can login and add more email addresses, remove an email address or change the password for one of the email addresses they own. This makes it easy for the client to manage email accounts.

With this package, we build the front page content into different sections with call to action buttons and links that navigate to seperate pages. The first section is the header section, which includes a navigation section and a banner section, typically refferred to as a "hero banner". The banner will usually contain some text to describe the core of your business in one or two sentences. Usually, we also add call to action buttons to guide website visitors to important sections on the page. We also build a section that lists your core services and another section that will display your core products, if applicable. An about section is crutial to let customers know who you are and what you're about. Finally, we add a contact form so that potential customers can contact you.


  • Signed contract with 30% deposit paid. (Client can also pay all upfront). We only start when 30% deposit has been paid and contract has been signed.
  • We need all content for the website in a document and photos / logo seperately in good digital quality.
  • We will show our progress to our clients on a staging site where they can easily approve changes and give feedback.
  • Once the client is happy and paid the remaining 70%, the website goes live.

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